About Christy


I was raised a farm girl, and my love of photography blossomed early with my Kodak Fisher-Price 110 camera. Today, my camera equipment has advanced a bit. And so has my love of creating beautiful images — capturing special moments in people’s lives, promoting the agricultural way of life, and loving some glitz and glamour from time to time, too.

My husband and I love the crazy life we live in the country with our two wild little boys and our princess of a baby girl. On any given day, you’ll find me chasing the kiddos, who are likely out chasing our Hereford cattle, pony and two rowdy dogs. And it’s guaranteed that the noise and chaos will abound. But, oh, what special memories are being made.

It’s an honor for me to step into your lives for a brief time, helping to capture the unique moments that make up your family. No family is the same. But one thing is constant — the memories will be cherished forever.